Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Stonecutter (1960)

Solar System (1977)

Sun Flight (1966)

Butterflies (1978)

Japanese Boy: The Story Of Taro (1963)

Frontier Boy Of The Early Midwest (1961)

Lima, Peru (1950)

Spanish Children (1964)

Scandinavia (1964)

Japan - Miracle In Asia (1963)

Claudius: Boy Of Ancient Rome (1964)

Billy Graham On Technology And Faith (1998)

20th Century Art (1965)

Age Of Rococo (1964)

The Creative Journey (1964)

Unicycle: Looking At My World (1976)

Rocks That Originate Underground (1966)

Rocks That Form On The Earth's Surface (1964)

Middle Ages - A Wanderer's Guide To Life And Letters (1970)

Miguel: Up From Puerto Rico (1975)

Angel And Big Joe (1975)

Eskimo In Two Worlds (1973)

Lee Suzuki - Home In Hawaii (1975)

Felipa: North Of The Border (1971)

The Shopping Bag Lady (1975)

The Happy City (1959)

Be-Ta-Ta-Kin (1955)

Land Of The Book (1967)

Land Of The Book (1964)

It's All In My Hands (1977)

Mary Kay Color Awareness (1985)

Queen Elizabeth Biography (1996)

The Etiquette Survival Kit (1997)

Lighthouses Of North America

My Trip With Dad On The California Skunk Train (1995)

Turn On The Human Calculator In You (1991)

Puppet Musical Classics (1985)

Teenagers And Tough Decisions (1990)

I Have AIDS: A Teenager's Story (1991)

Revenge Of The Nerd (1985)

Best Of Commercials Of The 50's And 60's

How To Be A Ballerina (1995)

The Internet Show (1994)

Beginner's Guide To The Internet (1999)

Mother Goose Gospel (1989)

How To Style A Scarf (1988)

Classic Post Toasties Commercial

1954 Sugar Frosted Flakes Commercial

1959 Cheerios Commercial

1976 Mothercare Commercial